1. When I asked for a redemption statement I was horrified to discover that my debt had increased by £30,000 more than my last loan statement. In ten years no one from the Brewery had ever mentioned these penalties

         I called Inn-Service and was very impressed by their knowledge, advice and professionalism. They                 saved me £24,000. Plus they then helped me save another £15,000 with my electricity supplier. "I've 

         no hesitation in recommending them". Mr B Overend, West Yorkshire

 ​    2. I traded with my Brewer for 15 years. When I asked for a redemption statement I was charged                           £67,000 in penalties on a loan of just £70,000 almost doubling my debt. Using Inn-Service they                       made the £67,000 disappear and negotiated better terms on my behalf, terms which improved my                 annual profit by £20,000. One call was all it took to save £87,000 !! Mr G Pountey, Birmingham

   3. The Brewery appointed Receivers over our club. With Inn-Service's help we were able to rescue our              club, recover £30,000 in penalties and earn £27,000 more per annum through improved terms...all              negotiated by Inn-Service. Social Club, Manchester 

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