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Have you got a loan from any of Britain's Brewers?

Britain's Brewers, including famous names such as Coors, Heineken, Marstons, Joseph Holts, Carlsberg, Greene King etc enjoy massive profits. Hidden away in the small print is an estimated £5million per annum derived purely from charging, and collecting, penalty charges when loans are repaid

Brewery loan agreements are complex, designed to favour the Brewer and based on principles first established over 30 years ago. We believe that Shortfall Compensation, Default Interest, Economic Viability periods and Early Termination charges can be successfully challenged. With clerks often manually preparing most of these calculations the propensity for human error and misinterpretation is huge.

With 30 years experience of Brewery loans there isn't much we don't know about Brewery finance charges. With such a thorough knowledge of the interpretation, management and enforcement of brewery loan agreements, we can help you. 

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